General Committees 

Topic A: Illicit Trade of Conventional Weapons

Topic B: Terrorism and Extremism

Topic A: Human Trafficking 

Topic B: Incentives and Implications of Organized Crime

Topic A: Women's Health and Reproductive rights

Topic B: Women's Rights in Conflict and Disaster



Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers are a group of Enhanced individuals operating under the supervision of the United Nations that fight all manner of human and extraterrestrial criminals.

Topic A: The Patch Act

Topic B: The Sokovia Accords


Zombie Apocalypse

In an alternate reality, we as humanity are starting to face challenges we’ve never seen before. The world as we know it has officially crumbled, leaving behind two nations, Vulgaria and Salavia. Both nations are struggling to continue on with their lives.

Topic A: Humanitarian Aid and Population Relocation

Topic B: Prevent, Cure, or Kill